A Lifetime of Sharing,
A Legacy of Giving

Meet Price

Price was energetic and playful. We always joked he had 25 hours of energy and only 24 hours in which to use it. He channeled all of that extra energy into loving people. He recognized the needs of others and was quick to offer his friendship, food or anything else someone might need.

Children with autism often become hyper-focused on a specific issue or idea. Price’s autism caused him to be hyper-focused on homelessness and those affected by it. On one specific occasion, Price noticed a homeless man on the street as we entered a restaurant for dinner. Usually uncomfortable with ordering for himself, Price ordered a cheeseburger to-go and nothing else. He had ordered it for the man outside, putting his own hunger aside so he could make sure someone else had dinner.

Another time, Price noticed his friend, Mia, was walking home from school every day with a backpack, lunchbox and violin case. He begged us to buy a carrying strap for the violin case to make sure she wasn’t overwhelmed with all of her belongings. A simple thing, and yet Price had the heart to see a small difference he could make.

Price had an innate drive to give, to share, to love. We are heartbroken he has passed, but we are honored to be able to share his story and hopefully inspire others to give with a priceless heart. Give to others, be caring and kind because that is when a PRICEless heart you will find.

The Stanley Family

We are the Stanley Family, forever a team of four: Christopher, Keithley, Price and Harper. Price’s life, although too short, forever impacted how we see the world. Price’s autism required us to learn to see the world through his eyes. In doing so, we learned to embrace differences in others, empathize with people in need and get out of our comfort zones to befriend someone new.

We’ve each faced our own challenges in learning to navigate school, work, holidays and life in general, without Price. We are constantly in awe of Harper’s strength and bravery as she goes to school alone or spends time with friends, all the while missing her best friend. But as a family, we’re making progress and finding our new normal. What has helped all of us has been starting Priceless Heart as a way to remember Price and share his loving heart and spirit with the community.

Our family motto is ‘Do Work.’ It’s never been more applicable as we set out to live like Price and make a difference in the lives of children in our community. We hope you’ll join us.